Songwriting and Composition

Creating my own music has always been an important part of what I do. The last couple of years has seen a little more concentration on writing. I'm delighted to share a little bit of that with you here. Check back often, as new demos are in the works.

This House Is In Order

A rare moment of self-awareness

Rough mix of the first song recorded for a projected 2019 album release.

Recorded in The Spare Room.
©2018 Doug Baker

Suits Me Just Fine

I often refer to this song as my mission statement.

Rough mix of the second track recorded for expected 2019 album.
Recorded in the Spare Room.
©2018 Doug Baker

Guarding Space


Composed for Steve Mitchell's Cloud Diary Music Project. 

I was given a brief synopsis of his novel, and a scene to work from.

Recorded by Rich Rossi in Room 115.

First Church of Song


Having some fun experimenting in Garageband with Rich Rossi. 

This came out much more "poppy" than I expected. And that's ok.

Recorded by Rich Rossi at Room 115.

The Foldable Man


Composed in 2017 for Storyhound Theatre's "Greensboro Grapevine" project. 

Inspired by Kate Kehoe's poem of the same name.

All notes played by Doug Baker. Recorded by Mark Dillon at Polecat Creek.